Chris Creech
Chris Creech and his wife, Faith, have been in ministry for forty-five years.  During this time, they have served in pastoral ministry and church planting for over twenty-eight years. Chris earned his M. Div. and Ph. D. from Southwestern Seminary. He has taught at seminaries in Singapore and Malaysia as resident faculty and as an adjunct at other seminaries in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Currently, they are serving Pinnacle Ministries as Directors of Pastoral/Missions/Church Health.
The Antidote
Every year thousands of pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers are forced from their ministries due to conflict within their local church or ministry team. In addition, thousands of other, seemingly effective Christian workers are forced to devote extreme levels of emotional energy to solving this problem. There is an answer. Dr. Creech’s book, Toxic Church, described and defined this problem and listed some of its solutions. However, The Antidote, not only further defines this problem, it also offers an effective, Biblical solution. The Antidote teaches a simple, oft-ignored Biblical answer which has the potential of stopping conflict entirely. This antidote, along with its accompanying Biblical principles, can give real hope to those who are plagued with the problem of conflicted ministries.
Toxic Church
Toxic Church: Why the Church-Pastor Relationship Sours and the Simple Biblical Solution is the revised edition of the same work previously published by Rainer Publishing. 
Chris has updated it and is now making it available in both paperback and e-book through Motherhood Printing. It can be purchased in paperback from the store and in e-book format on
GREAT NEWS for all the readers of both Toxic Church and The Antidote. There is another book coming in 2020! 
This book is a smaller book that will provide the group leader with case studies that teach the application of 'The Antidote' and help understand the impact that its implementation can have on churches, ministries and the lives of the believers that choose to follow the guidelines set forth in God's Word when we deal with conflict in the all types of relationships including marriage.